Resource Review

Tracing Boards of the Three Degrees in Craft Freemasonry Explained

Author: Julian Rees (ISBN:978-1-84549-661-6)

Front Cover

If you have an interest in tracing boards, this is an excellent book to develop your understanding and extend your knowledge. The book contains just under 100 illustrations and photographs, relating to tracing boards. There are chapters covering each of the tracing boards, for each of the craft degrees, in detail. An additional chapter covers the history and variations of tracing boards, as well as an interesting chapter on those tracing boards found outside of the United Grand Lodge of England. I found the book to be a very informative read and it certainly explained a lot of tracing board symbolism that I was not aware of ! The book concludes with a useful ‘further reading’ booklist. The book has a retail price of £12.99. (review by D. Bolton)

Rear Cover