LBC Official Visits

LBC Forthcoming Official Visits for 2020

Following a change of personnel, the list of official LBC visits for 2020, will be published in due course. Requests for visits can be made through the LBC secretary ( or the Lodge Visits Coordinator.

LBC Official Visit Reports

LBC Visit to Farne Lodge, No 5228, 19th June 2019

The LBC made an official visit to Farne Lodge, No 5228,based at Seahouses, on Wednesday the 19th June 2019. An excellent and interesting talk was delivered on Mine Warfare by WBro. M Byrne. The photographs shown below were taken during the evening.

Brethren arriving for the evening
Farne Lodge
Farne Lodge temple room
The Past Masters Board for Farne Loge
Some of the LBC at the Festive Board
Visiting brethren of the LBC

LBC Visit to Alnwick Lodge, No 1167, 1st May 2019

On Wednesday the 1st of May 2019 the LBC made an official visit to Alnwick Lodge, No. 1167 where a fascinating lecture was given, entitled, “Chevy Chase: Sideboard, Carver and Battle”.

The photograph below shows some of the members of the LBC with the WM and members of Alnwick Lodge. The Sideboard, which formed part of the lecture, can be seen behind the group.

The WM and brethren of Alnwick Lodge, No. 1167, with brethren of the Light Blues Club of Northumberland. Photograph taken on the 1st of May 2019.